About Us

The airbrush tanning industry was conceived on an elegant premise, vanity. Being tan makes you feel pretty and look thin. Movie stars, models and television actors all have that healthy glow that we want.

Historically a suntan was considered a fashion “no no”, but in the 1920′s a sun-kissed body became a huge phenomenon. It is rumored that Coco Chanel is the woman behind this trend. After vacationing in the south of France she came back with a tan. This sent women running for the beach.

Oddly enough, DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) was also identified in the 1920′s by German scientists. At the time this was not being tested as a skin colorant but was discovered that when spilled on the skin it turned brown.

In the 1950′s Eva Wittgenstein, from the University of Cincinnati, conducted studies on Dihydroxyacetone, which was used in a drug for Glycogen Storage Disease. Again when spilled on the skin, it turned the skin brown. This intrigued her enough to continue studying DHA and discovered that the browning effect was a consist result.

In 1960 Coppertone introduced the first ever sunless tanning lotion. ”Quick Tan” or “QT” was sold as a sunless tanner that developed overnight.

In 1973 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) added DHA to the list of approved cosmetic ingredients.

The 1980′s proved to be a better decade for the enhancement of sunless tanning products.  Changes in formulas and manufacturing processes produced more natural looking results with less streaking and better fading.

Today spray tanning is hotter than ever. With concerns about healthy skin, premature aging, cancer and the need for instant gratification, the sunless industry is booming. One can find self-tanners in a variety of sprays, lotions, gels and mousses at their local retailer. Professionally applied products include spray tan booths and personalized airbrush tan applications.

No matter how the love for a tan started, it’s here to stay.

Company Profile
Sol Potion® is a US-based, privately held company. With over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, we know what it takes to make people look gorgeous, yet natural. Our expertise is sunless. After years of research, we developed the perfect selection of spray tan solutions that work flawlessly with all skin tones and an application technique that ensures even coverage with minimal overspray.

Sol Potion® is considered a pioneer in the airbrush tanning industry.  We create, supply and offer expert knowledge of sunless tanning solutions, related skincare, equipment, supplies, and application technique.  We are committed to providing high quality products that are easy to use and give beautiful results.   By continually examining trends within our sector through use of our working lab, we are able to provide the ultimate sunless experience to the end user.  Our staff closely monitors every aspect of sunless from skin type compatibility and application technique, to skincare effectiveness and customer satisfaction.  Our goal is to exceed the demands of our clients…and yours.   

In 2010, Sol Potion® expanded into Canada, distributing direct to salons and spas. Due to overwhelming international requests for our solution, Sol Potion® expanded our reach to the global market in 2011.

Our Clients
Sol Potion® offers professional sunless airbrush tanning solutions and skincare products to salons, spas and distributors in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and surrounding countries.

Our clients have consistently identified our strengths as:

  • Superior quality professional solutions and skincare 
  • Comprehensive initial and ongoing product training 
  • Exceptional client service 
  • Flexibility with customer requirements
  • Streamlined, scalable products from a vendor that can grow with client needs

Superior Products with Superior Options
Quality is not just a requirement at Sol Potion®; it is our mantra.  Our product lines are prepared in the U.S. with pharmaceutical grade ingredients that follow the European guidelines for cosmetics. Our ingredients were carefully chosen with the health of our technicians and of their client’s in mind. All solutions are made in the U.S.A. with Eco-certified DHA and are cruelty free.

Our Goal
The goal of Sol Potion® is to expand the availability of professional sunless tanning products so that people will have a healthy option for obtaining a tan.  Our company provides quality sunless products, industry knowledge and practical training methods to entrepreneurs, tanning salons and spas that wish to offer sunless tanning services.

In addition to exceptional products Sol Potion's focus is and will remain on customer service.  We expect our clients to demand high quality products and consistent service they can count on every time they order.  It is our goal to insure 100% customer satisfaction.