Customer Rewards Program

Ordering Sol Potion® products online is not only convenient, it’s rewarding.

When you purchase products on the Sol Potion® website you can earn valuable points. Use your rewards points to purchase anything you see on the Sol Potion® website.

How do I start earning rewards?
Earning rewards is as simple as signing up for an account and making a purchase.  Your rewards will be will be tallied online and available for viewing any time. 

How does the rewards program work?
For each dollar you spend on the Sol Potion® website ( you will receive one reward point (minus any credits or returns).  Points can be used to purchase any product on the Sol Potion® website.

Where do I see my rewards tally?
Log into your account.  Under the category titled “My Orders” is a link to “Your Rewards Points”.  This will take you to your most recent total number of rewards.

How often can I redeem my rewards?
Reward points can be redeemed as soon as they appear on your account.  Points may take between 5 to 7 business days to appear on your account after a purchase has been made.  

I don't have enough rewards points to buy my item. Can I use partial points and pay for the rest?
Yes. If you have not accumulated enough points to get the item free of charge you can still use your points towards the item. When placing your order, add whatever number of points you have available in the rewards redemption area. Depending on how many points you have will dictate the discount.  

Can I redeem my rewards for cash?
No.  Points can only be used to purchase merchandise on the Sol Potion® website (

Can I send my redemption order to an address other than my mailing address?
You may choose an alternate ship-to address when completing your redemption order. Please note that we can only accommodate one ship-to address per order. If requesting multiple ship-to addresses, you must complete separate orders.

Can I exchange or return my redemption order?
Unfortunately we are unable to process returns or exchanges of rewards redemptions, so please make your selections carefully before redeeming.

Can I transfer my rewards to another account?
NoAt this time you cannot transfer rewards to another account.

Can I use my rewards along with another sale program?
Yes.  Our reward points are designed to be used whenever you need them.  Use in conjunction with sales, discounted items or free shipping promotions.  They are your rewards, use them how you want.

How do I redeem my rewards points?
When you are ready to redeem your points simply add the item to your cart.  Go through the check out process as normal.  Under your list of items for purchase there is a category titled "Use Rewards Points" with the number of points you have accumulated. Enter the amount of points you would like to use towards your purchase. You will see the deduction from your rewards total and a credit discounted from your total amount due.    

Do I need to pay shipping on my redemption items?
Yes. Please note that you cannot redeem rewards points on shipping and you will be billed for any shipping charges associated with the item being redeemed. 

What can my rewards buy?
You can use your points to purchase anything on the Sol Potion® website.  Each product is assigned a number of points required to purchase the item at no charge. If you do not have enough points to get the item at no charge, you may use your points to get a discount on the item.  If you have any questions please contact our sales department at 800-764-4080 Ext. 103.