Why Add Spray Tanning to Your List of Services?

Spray tanning is potentially the most profitable service a salon or spa can offer. The start-up costs are minimal and are recouped quickly. Plus, the service is fast and easy to perform.

Spray tanning is a service in high demand. It is a cost-effective source of revenue for your tanning salon or spa. For a nominal cost, adding sunless to your current list of services can potentially skyrocket your sales. Our professional spray tan products, equipment and training information give your salon or spa the edge it needs to succeed in the UV free tanning industry.

Depending on the salon or spa, the price for full body spray tan treatments range from $35 to $100. Based on our research, the average salon and spa charges between $40 to $60 for a treatment.

Spray Tan Sales

Offering a service that is in high demand can drive new business through the doors. In addition to new business, existing clients may want to add sunless tanning to the other services they already receive, thereby creating additional revenue.

  • The service is fast. An application takes approximately seven minutes with an additional five-minute dry time. This allows for several appointments in a single day.
  • For tanning salons sunless can add to their client base. Since tanning salons are typically seasonal, spray tan clients can sustain business throughout the slow season.
  • Hair & makeup salons as well as day spas & medi-spas that add airbrush treatments to their list of services can increase repeat business as well as potentially add new clientele to your existing base.
  • Mobile airbrush businesses allow you to work flexible hours and make a fantastic profit.

Spray Tan Profits

The profit margin from spray tanning can far exceed any other service the business currently offers. Electricity used in a regular tanning salon can sometimes cost more than the charge for the service. Salon and spa services take time (sometimes over an hour), leaving the room and technician unavailable during the service.

With spray tanning your business can make a $40 sale in just 7 minutes. The solution cost for full-body applications is as low as $3.62.

  • One ounce of solution costs approximately $2.77. The cost per ounce does vary depending on solution used.
  • The average mark-up for a spray tan session is over 1000%, based on $40 cost to the customer.

Two to three ounces of solution is enough for a full-body airbrush. Each gallon of solution can airbrush up to 50 bodies.

Getting Started 

  • Start-up costs can run as low as $736.00 for a unit, tent and solution. Eighteen airbrushes (based on $40 per session) will pay off your initial investment.
  • Anyone can start a spray tan business. There are no special class or certification requirements. Spray tan services can be offered through a storefront or as mobile business.
  • Requires minimal space. A 6 foot by 6 foot space is big enough to airbrush.

Don’t have a room? Don’t panic! Get creative with the space you have. Many tanning salons and spas have been able to create a space using a variety of options.

  • The Sol Potion portable spray tan tent is perfect for any room, even those designated for other services, storage or supplies. The pop-up spray tan tent can act as a backdrop to prevent overspray from direct contact with stationary walls. This unit is lightweight, portable and easy to store when not in use.