Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Whether it is summer or winter our skin is thirsty!

In the winter the heat from our homes, cars, offices, etc. is drying out our skin by the minute.  We are aware of how dry our skin because it looks ashy, feels tough and looks crackly. 

The summer tricks us because of the heat and humidity. Even with muggy temperatures, our skin is still dry but we don’t notice as much because the humidity makes the skin visibly hydrated. But make no mistake, no matter what time of year if your skin need moisturizer.  If you spray tan your skin must stay hydrated in order to get the longest possible wear. Drinking lots of water is a good idea but it won't be enough. You have to apply lotion. 

Both moisturizing lotions and spray lotions keep skin feeling silky and smooth. Stay away from lotions that contain Petroleum and Mineral oils if you have a spray tan.  Many of the spray lotions are oil-free which is good for a sunless tan and have no sticky residue. Our favorites are Smooth Daily Lotion and Sol Potion Hydrate Spray.