The Spray Tan Business

Spray tanning is potentially the most profitable service a salon or spa can offer. The start-up costs are minimal and are recouped quickly. Plus, the service is fast and easy to perform. Offering a service that is in high demand can drive new business through the doors. In addition to new business, existing clients may want to add spray tanning to the other services they already receive, thereby creating additional revenue.

Sunless tanning is a hugely profitable and popular service that is in demand.  As a salon or spa owner or entrepreneur you may have several questions. This section may help you to answer many of those questions.

Why Add Spray Tanning to Your List of Services?

Spray tanning is a service in high demand. It is a cost-effective source of revenue for your tanning salon or spa. For a nominal cost, adding sunless to your current list of services can potentially skyrocket your sales. Our professional spray tan products, equipment and training information give your salon or spa the edge it needs to succeed in the UV free tanning industry.

Depending on the salon or spa, the price for full body spray tan treatment ranges from $45 to $100. Based on our research, the average salon and spa charges between $50 to $70 for a treatment. Plus, it takes 10 minutes to perform. There is no other treatment a salon or spa could offer that is that fast. It’s a money-making service.
What is spray tanning?
Spray tanning, is a personalized service that results in an all over tan instantly. Sunless tanning is the fastest growing UV Free alternative for clients who cannot or will not traditionally tan or are simply looking for instant gratification.
Why is spray tanning so popular?
Clients are looking for a personalized service that will give them a flawless tan that looks natural. People who cannot tan or have skin concerns but still want that bronzed glow are looking for alternative methods to achieve it. The Mayo Clinic has
 cited that sunless tanning is a practical alternative to traditional UV tanning.
Why expand my menu of services?
For today’s entrepreneur, expanding services to stay ahead of large chain businesses and to maintain profitability has become a primary focus. A personalized service, such as spray tanning, offers a salon or spa owner the means to provide a quality service that sets his/her business apart from the large chains.  In addition, spray tan services, when implemented well, can be the most profitable services a salon offers.
Why offer spray tanning instead of having a spray booth?
Spray booths are extremely expensive and messy. It can take years to pay off the cost of the booth, not to mention the ongoing need for machine maintenance.  These types of sunless options make it difficult to render a profit. Starting costs for spray tanning can be as low as $850.00.  That can be paid off in 17 spray tans. Then it is ALL profit!
Why should I offer spray tan services?
Demand + Supply = Profit: Spray tanning is in high demand. These services are a cost-effective source of new revenue for your salon or spa. For as little as $850.00 you can add sunless tanning to your current list of services and watch your sales grow. Our professional spray tanning products, equipment and training information give your salon or spa the edge it needs to succeed in the sunless tanning industry.
Why choose Sol Potion?
Sol Potion is considered a pioneer in the spray tan industry.  We create, supply and offer expert knowledge of spray tanning solutions, sunless skincare, equipment, supplies, and application technique.  We are committed to providing high quality products that are easy to use and give beautiful results.   By continually examining trends within our sector through use of our working lab, we are able to provide the ultimate sunless experience to the end user.  Our staff closely monitors every aspect of sunless from skin type compatibility and application technique, to skincare effectiveness and customer satisfaction.  Our goal is to exceed the demands of our clients…and yours.
What things should I consider when starting a new spray tan business?
If you are you planning on starting a new sunless business, there are a few things to consider when creating a business plan.

  • Create a business name that is catchy and easily describes your business.
  • Create a business logo for use on stationary, signs, etc.
  • Register your business name with your municipal and state agencies.
  • Open a business bank account.
  • Get business cards.
  • Choose your location. Will you be operating a mobile business or brick and mortar?
  • Check to see if you need business insurance.
  • Set up a business phone.
  • Create a website or blog site.

Want to add sunless to your services, but don’t know where to begin?
Sol Potion has done the work for you. Our spray tan products and equipment are salon tested. There is no question that you and your clientele will be satisfied. In addition, our staff is available to assist you with training and support information.
Do I really need training?
A common mistake made by many new technicians is that spray tanning is simple and anyone can do it. This can be costly to your reputation.  Performing a spray tan application is truly an art. Sol Potion will train you in the art of spray tanning. Our application technique makes learning to perform a perfect spray tan easy. Your application technique is the key to your success. Gain an advantage over your competitors by becoming a Sol Potion certified airbrush tanning technician. See our airbrush 
training information to find out how you can become certified as a spray tan technician.
What type of spray tan training is best for me?
In order to give a perfect spray tan application there are specific techniques and details that must be mastered. Getting spray tan training can be the difference between a great result and a lost customer. However, choosing the right training and certification for you can be difficult. The key to choosing a method of training is deciding what your training needs will be:

  • Do you need a refresher course or learn better at your own pace? If so, our Training Manual & DVD may be the answer.
  • Do you learn better with an instructor who can give 1-on-1 attention and answer all questions you may have? Our live training with a skilled professional trainer may be for you.

How does the sunless tan appear?
The active ingredient in sunless solution, Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), works with the amino acids on the skin and air to create the brown appearance. Example: If you take a bite out of an apple and leave it for a while the acids in the apple combine with air to create a natural reaction resulting in a browning affect. This reaction is similar to what takes place with the DHA, air and the amino acids on your client’s skin.  The solution absorbs into the skin cells and the air activates the solution creating the appearance of a tan.
What type of spray tan solution is right for my customer?
Sol Potion
® offers several lines of spray tan solution to fit your needs. Our spray tan solutions can be used as is or blended to create your own signature beauty bar of colors. All solutions contain U.S. pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Our products include All-Natural Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), Purified water, US FDA Certified Bronzers, natural extracts, botanicals and are vegan and cruelty free. We NEVER use Parabens, Silicones, Formaldehyde, DMDM Hydantoin, Mineral oil, Sulfates, Gluten, TEA/DEA, PEGS or Nut Oils.  Sol Potion solutions are made in the US.
How do I decide what color spray tan solution is right for my client?
The decision on what level solution to use on your clients will depend on their skin type. Refer to the “Mixology” section in our training manual. Make sure to ask first time clients about their tanning goals and any problem areas they hope to address.

Are you interested in Private Labeling Sol Potion solutions?

Sol Potion offers private label options for our sunless solutions and skincare line. To learn more contact Sol Potion representative at (800) 764-4080.