People are talking about Sol Potion Studio and

we LOVE it! 

–"My wife and I had a vacation planned, so we decided to get an airbrush prior too.  Tan turned out amazing and the staff was attentive and got us in and out. I didn’t feel rushed and they definitely knew what they were doing. You can tell by the results.  Place was super clean and would highlight recommend." - Ronald K.

–“I got my spray tan for a trial run for my brothers wedding that I am standing up in. The Facility was very clean. Yes the staff made me feel very comfortable. Yes it was very speedy and I didn’t wait long. I loved my tan the only issue I had was that my chest seemed to fade faster than the rest of body did and I am not sure why. I think the next time I come I would like to go one shade darker.” – Jessica C.

–“I wanted to let you know I’m very pleased with my first experience at Sol Potion. I have used tanning beds for the past few years, but I’m really trying to stay away from them to protect my skin. I hate my pasty skin in the winter, so Sol Potion is the perfect solution for me. You guys were friendly, professional and the facilities were very clean. I’m very satisfied with my tan as well. I received many compliments on how natural it looked.” – Stephanie R.

–“I have had spray tans at several locations, and Sol Potion is at THE TOP of my list! The facility is super clean, and the staff is kind and professional. I don’t love the idea of having to “bare it all” but the staff makes you feel very comfortable. Most recently, I came in for a spray tan, before I attended a wedding. Since it’s not the middle of summer, and I have a fair complexion, I didn’t want a deep, dark tan- just a nice natural looking glow. That is exactly what I got. I had several compliments on my “color” at the wedding. When I told one of the gals that I had a spray tan she said “THAT IS SUCH A GOOD SPRAY!” She’s right, it was!! It was even and just the right amount of color. Thanks for giving me safe color…. no harmful rays for me. I’ll be coming in during the winter when I need to be perked up from the winter blues!!” – Jessica O.

–“I was there for an airbrush tan a few weeks ago. Facility was clean and current. I felt very comfortable and every-thing was very efficient. Very happy w/results.” – Stacey K. 

–“My 50th Class Reunion – The facility was clean and efficient. The staff was pleasant, friendly and professional. I did not wait more than five minutes. When I had my makeup done the day of the reunion, the make up artist commented on my skin. She said I had nice skin without knowing I had a spray tan. The tan evened out my skin tones! My family could not tell I had a spray  tan as well. The color selected for me is natural and pretty.  Thank you” – Nancy A.

–“I’ve always wanted to be tan but I burn easily in the sun. So I decided to get
my first ever spray tan! Sol Potion was really nice! Everyone there is friendly and made me feel at home. The spray tan was done in about 15 minutes. I loved it immediately! My tan was a nice brown, not orange.  I will definitely be back to Sol Potion. Thanks!” – Kristen H.

–“The event that inspired me to get an airbrush is my son’s wedding that is coming up in July. You need to know that I am 62 years old and have never done any type of tanning. I was nervous about a stranger seeing this “old” body and that I might look unnatural.  I always thought that tanning was something for the under 40 crowd. Your facility was clean, comfortable, and a good location but I was most impressed with your staff.  Laurie immediately put me at ease. She was friendly, personable and very knowledgeable.  I explained to her my reason for coming was not to look like I spent months on the beach but rather to lose my ghost white legs, arms, and back. This would be a trial run for the wedding. After looking me, she said, “Trust me, I will give you a believable tan”  And she did! The whole process took about 20 minutes. Laurie explained everything she was doing. I had injured my arm prior to the appt. and she was very accommodating with the positioning. I am very pleased with the results. My tan is even, beautiful, and exactly suited to me. My skin feels wonderfully soft and moisturized. It’s amazing how natural it looks!  Thank you Sol Potion Studio. See you soon!” –  Michelle W.

–“I came for airbrush before a special event that I wanted to look and feel extra good for. The studio was clean, pleasant and easy to find. Staff was great at
making suggestions before they gave me the best experience and made me feel comfortable. The appointment was easy and timely. A real breeze! I did the express tan. It was great color even though I waited until the last minute to get my tan. It was very even and natural.” –  Susie S.

–“I had my first spray tan application today. I am attending a beach themed cocktail party this weekend, this inspired me to get a bronzed look.  The second I walked into the salon, I was made to feel comfortable.  My technician was professional, personable and friendly.  The facility was spotless and welcoming.  I was in and out in no time at all. My tan is still developing, but so far so good.  Thank you Sol Potion. I will most definitely be back to get my tan on again!” – Corie A.

–“I often get an airbrush before vacations, work trips, weddings, etc. However, I have come in a time or two in the winter when I don’t have anything going on, just to get a little color on my skin during the gloomy winter months!  Before I began coming to your studio, I had been to two or three other airbrush boutiques, but none were as nice as yours. It is clean and welcoming, while still being functional!

I have seen several of your staff members and they have all made me feel right at home. When you are getting airbrushed, I am sure your clients are in various stages of undress, and that in and of itself and be intimidating and awkward. While we all have our own body images challenges, I am a little bit of a heavier client and everyone has always made me feel comfortable. Not once did I ever feel like I was being judged for how I look while being airbrushed. Thank you! I usually arrive a few minutes early and someone is always ready for me. I have never had to wait more than a couple of minutes.

I have always liked the color that was chosen for me. I have tried a couple of variations of colors based on the time of year I am in, and they have always been great. Thank you so much!” – Diana C.