No matter what the occasion your Sol Potion Studio technician will give you the perfect organic glow.  Our technicians will customize a shade and tailor their application specific to your requirements.

Spa Collection Sunless Treatment 

Our Organic Spa Solution will wrap your skin in luxury. With over 25 shades, we have a natural looking tan for every skin tone. Enriched with Aloe, Vitamins A, E & C and Green & White Tea extracts, it’s like receiving a spa treatment for your skin with the added bonus of a beautiful tan.


Full Body $50
Upper Body $27
Lower Body $22
Face Only $18

 Rapid Development Sunless Treatment

Presto is an organic formula specially designed to be showered off in 1 to 5 hours but develops into a perfect glow.  It’s like magic!  

Full Body $60
Upper Body $32
Lower Body $26
Face Only $18

Tahitian Sol Premium Blend

Tahitian Sol is our premium organic blend solution.  Using a special skin tone match technology, this formula contains a powerful vitamin complex designed to provide maximum hydration with a deep rich brown result that LASTS.  Perfect for every skin tone, every time.

Full Body $60
Rapid Full Body  $70
Upper Body $35
Lower Body $29
Face Only $20

Treatment Accessories

Get Insta-Ready when you compliment your sunless service with our Anti-Aging or Skin-Firming treatment. Enjoy visibly firmer, smoother and radiant skin with our new Anti-Aging and Skin-Firming treatments.

Is your skin dry and thirsty?  Try the PH Balancing and Hydration treatment. This treatment will help your tan develop more evenly and last longer.

Do you have noticeable tan lines?  Make them disappear with our Tan Line Correction technique.

Get competition ready with our shading and contouring or add extra depth to your fabulous features with our special airbrush Shading and Contouring Application.

PH Balancing & Hydration Treatment   
Tan Line Correction                               
Shading & Contouring                          
Anti-Aging Treatment                             $15
Skin Firming Treatment                          $15


Save Up To $150 By Purchasing A Package! 

All Packages may be used for our Spa and Presto collections. 

Full-Body 3-Visit Package $127.00 Save 15%
Full-Body 5-Visit Package $200.00 Save 20%
Full-Body 10-Visit Package $375.00  Save 25%

PH Balancing/Hydration and Shading/Contouring not included in the package price. Packages cannot be shared. Packages NEVER expire.  *** Client’s that have a package and wish to use Tahitian Sol will incur a $10 additional fee. 


We love “parties.”  Let us help you prepare for your upcoming events. Weddings, Birthdays, Competitions, Girls Night Out or any excuse you can think of to get your friends together!

Our unique “party” plan is designed to ease the stress of event coordinating.  You and your guests receive the benefits of booking a “party” (or group) but are able to book your appointments according to your individual schedules.  That’s right, you don’t have to work around everyone’s work or home obligations, because we do it for you.  It’s genius!   Of course, you’re welcome to book your appointments side by side but we have a feeling you’ll like the convenience of our open booking policy.

We offer two PARTY plans:

Groups of 6 to 9

  • Includes All Solution/Color Collections
  • Host receives a FREE Sunless Treatment
  • Guests over 21 will receive a complementary glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage
  • *Snack Service can be pre-arranged for your guests

 Groups of 10+

  • Includes All Solution/Color Collections
  • $5 OFF each Sunless Treatment
  • Host receives a FREE Sunless Treatment
  • Guests receive a complementary glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage
  • *Snack Service can be pre-arranged for your guests

Treatment Accessories are additional.

Party Bookings must be paid in full upon reservation.  Host may choose any 3 consecutive days for their guests to receive their sunless treatment.  There are no refunds on party bookings, however the host may reschedule the event within 24 hours of the reservation without penalty.

*Contact the Studio for prices and available seasonal snack choices.