Learn an airbrush technique so flawless, your competition comes to you!

As important as the products you use, your application technique is vital to your success. Airbrush application is an art. The technique is specific and tailored to the body you are airbrushing. Your clients are looking for perfection, and the Sol Potion® technique delivers.

The Sunless University is designed to increase your technician's confidence and learning curve by training them how to flawlessly apply our airbrush technique on your clientele. The Sol Potion® application technique will give you the ability to perform a perfect sunless tan, no matter what the body type. 

Why consider our on site training?
Sol Potion® trainers are among the most experienced and skilled professionals in the industry.  Our trainers have years of experience in training new technicians. Each of our trainers has conducted thousands of airbrush applications on real clients.  As a result, their knowledge expands far beyond the application technique. They can provide valuable information on how to market, operate and grow a sunless business.  When you purchase on site training, these trade secrets will be available to you.  

If you are looking for one-on-one training, don’t be fooled by mass training sessions taking place at insanely busy trade shows or large group seminars.  These types of training will not give you the attention you need to truly master the art of airbrush application. 

Why consider our DVD training?
Unlike other training videos, the Sol Potion® Application Training DVD gives an in-depth review on each step focusing on all aspects of the application. Our unique approach to creating this training video makes it the only at-home spray tanning course that’s truly easy to follow and master.  

Whether you are looking for one-on-one training, or want to learn at your own pace, the Sunless University is designed to work with your needs. When you learn how to spray tan with Sol Potion®, you will have the best application technique to hit the industry since it started.

Get Master certified with an on site training & certification course!

Learn how to spray tan through a class conducted at your place of business by a skilled Sol Potion® airbrush trainer.  This comprehensive sunless application course is designed around the technician's experience level. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate struggling with application technique, our trainers will work with you to perfect your technique.

On-Site Training Includes:

  • A four-hour on-site training class for up to four technicians
  • Conducted by an experienced Sol Potion® certified trainer
  • Each attending technician will receive a personalized master certification
  • One quart of cosmetic bronzing solution for technician practice
  • One training manual
  • One training DVD 
  • Ongoing phone support with a live trainer