New Year Resolutions

Now that you’ve dug yourself out of the mountains of wrapping paper and are coming down off your sugar high, it’s time to think about New Year’s resolutions.   Whether it’s swearing off sweets or deciding to go to the gym one of the most important resolutions of 2023, should be making sure your spray tan business is healthy.

Successful businesses know that business models always need adjustments to keep them thriving. Below are some things to consider when looking at your business. 

Business Resolution 1: Review 2022 

We always have room to improve our business models, customer service, training and products/solutions offered. It’s important to take a look back the previous year. This will help to fine tune your 2023 business. What were your best successes?  How do your clients view your business? Are your technicians fully trained? Do you offer enough spray tan solutions to cover all skin tones? Did you sell enough supportive retail products to build your per client sale? Are you priced competitively? Does your schedule availability need to be adjusted? Do your client’s know your cancellation and other business policies. Knowing the answers to these questions can uncover needed changes that will improve your overall business.

Business Resolution 2:   Client check in  

Haven’t seen a client in the last 90 days? Now is the perfect time to give them a call to check in.  Touching base with your clients not only lets them know you are thinking of them, but also puts your business back into their mind. 

Get feedback of their experience regarding their last spray tan. Getting feedback from clients (good or bad) is critical to understanding and improving on your business.  Can’t get your clients on the phone? Send them a survey.  Offer a discount on their next spray tan for filling out the survey.  It will give you the information you need and them a little reward for providing their opinions.   

Client Resolution 3:  Update your consultation files  

As a general rule, a consultation takes place between the technician and client prior to the first airbrush session.  However, if you haven’t seen a client in a while,
it is always good to checkup with them on their next visit.  The goal for the
checkup is to make sure that you know of any changes with your client’s skin or tanning goals plus gives you the opportunity to introduce new products.   

Client Resolution 4: Keep the client in “the know 

A perfect application is wasted on a client who doesn’t properly prepare for their session or care for their sunless tan afterward.  Giving your client instructions for
pre and post care of their airbrush will help them maintain their beautiful tan.

Make sure that all clients are knowledgeable on how to prepare for their airbrush at the time of the appointment.  If your business calls to confirm appointments, make sure to reiterate the preparation instructions.  

Have supportive skincare to sell to your clients.  By offering the proper sunless tan products your client will get the maximum time out of their tan and build up your per client sales. 

Client Resolution 5: Safety first!  

With COVID, RSV, FLU and other germs floating around, make sure that your technicians always wear a mask when spray tanning. This shows the client you take their health seriously and keeps your techs from getting sick. 

Spray rooms and tanning tents should have some type of ventilation.  If you do not have a built-in ventilation system, fans can serve as a dual purpose: to extract overspray away from the client and to dry the client after the session.  Consider using a fan if the room gets stuffy.

Client Resolution 6:  Keep the scene clean 

There is nothing less welcoming than an airbrush room (or tent) caked with overspray.  Residual overspray appears unsightly and presents a slip hazard.  Make sure the airbrush room has been wiped clean from the previous session.

Client Resolution 7:  A clean applicator is a happy applicator 

The airbrush applicator is the most important tool a technician uses.  Maintenance on your applicator is critical in order to keep it spraying properly. Make sure to read your applicator instruction manual thoroughly and follow the recommended guidelines for applicator care. 

Keeping these resolutions will give you a happy clientele and a healthy bottom line.