Professional Edition: Contour & Tan Line Tricks Sure to Treat

As technicians we have all heard our clients say that they like to be tan because it makes them feel and look better.  However sometimes our clients need a little extra shading here and there to make them look more defined.  If your clients happen to be competitive body builders, they will need a deeper tan with extra shading to display their physique. Whether your client wants defined abs and a thinner looking waist or needs some shading to highlight facial features you can successfully achieve their desired look with the right contouring technique.    

Some of these techniques are done prior to the full body application, some after.  The reason is to allow extra dry time for certain areas or for the technician to properly blend the shading. 

1. Body – Apply before you begin the full body application.

Create the appearance of definition on the stomach by applying a strong vertical line down the center of the stomach.   Look for the natural stomach muscle and apply 2 or 3 strong horizontal strokes from the left to the right.  The strokes should only be 6 to 7 inches long. 

2. Waist – Apply after you have completed the full body application. 

Create the appearance of a thin waistline by applying a heavy application of solution along the waistline from the side of the back to the side of the stomach. 

3. Face – Apply after the first application to the face. 

Create a shadow under the cheekbone to create the appearance of a more prominent cheekbone.  To do this – have your client turn their head to the left.  With your applicator upright (moving side to side) you will apply a thin line of solution from just before the ear, stopping before the ball of the cheek.  Have your client turn their head to the right, and repeat. You can create a strong jaw line by adding additional solution to the underside of the jaw.

You can use this shading affect on any area of the body that a client would like to appear smaller, such as the inside thigh.  Apply the solution to any area as you would a make-up bronzer to achieve a similar affect. 

EEK!!!! Tan Lines! 

Even though we are well into fall you may have clients that have stubborn tan lines from the summer or they just got back from a sunny vacation. Tan lines are very easy to fix if you know the trick. 

1. To fill in the tan lines you will want to use a slightly darker solution.

2. Adjust your gun sprayer so that it sprays in a small circle, then adjust your PSI so that there is a very small amount of solution being released. Make sure to test on a towel until you are satisfied with the spot pattern and amount of solution that is coming out of the gun. 

3. Now, in light strokes, spray the solution over the tan lines.  If you are covering a larger area you may spray in a circular motion. This may take a little bit of time but you will gradually see the tan lines disappear. 

4. Once you feel satisfied that you have covered the tan lines it’s time to spray them.  Choose a color lighter than what was used to fill in the tan lines and spray as normal.

Your clients will love the results! Don’t forget this is additional service and you should charge extra. A typical upcharge is between $10 to $15 depending on the severity of the tan lines and/or contouring needed.