Professional Edition: Sunless Basics

We are well into the swing of sunless season and so far, 2022 has been a busy one. WOO HOO!!!!

As spray tan technicians we know that the application technique is critical to being a successful spray tan business, however there are other practices that a business's and technicians should keep in mind.

Best Practice 1: Client Appointment Files

Keep your client files organized. While using written appointment books have value, you may want to keep the spray tan business separate from any taxable services to make filing easier come quarterly tax time. 

HINT: There are affordable online appointment schedulers available online. These allow your clients to book their appointments online or when they call, your staff can enter the appointment. Most of these will track all your client information, and easily generates reports so you can manage your appointments, client contact details and revenue generated from your spray tan business. In addition, most of these applications can be incorporated into your existing website which makes it easy for the client to book online. Check for applications that can also be downloaded to a smart phone so you always know when appointments are booked.

Best Practice 2: Client Registration

Clients that receive a spray tan should complete a registration and waiver form prior to their session. It’s important that the business has written forms completed and signed by the clientele kept on file. Many forms will usually include sections that allow the technician to create session notes. Don’t have a form?  Many sunless distributors offer free forms on their website for download. 

Best Practice 3:  Client Consultation

We recommend that a consultation between the technician and client always precede the sunless session. The technician should always be aware of why the client wants to receive a spray tan (e.g. wedding, event, vacation, etc.), or any skin or health issues that the client may have. This will dictate the color and technique used during the session. Even if you have had previous consultations with your clients, you should always check to make sure nothing has changed.   

Best Practice 4: Client Evaluations

Before you spray, make sure that you understand the client’s sunless tanning goals. Assess your client’s skin and choose the appropriate color depth for their skin tone before you begin the application. Remember that each body is different and that no single technique will apply to everyone.   

Examine your client’s skin.  If they come to the session wearing makeup, perfume, lotion, deodorant, etc. it will act as a barrier between the skin and the airbrush solution.  This means the solution will not develop fully and will fade faster. The technician should always advise the client of the possible problems they may experience.    

Problem areas such as the neck should be checked for cleanliness prior to the session. A dirty neck will be a streaky neck.  Have the client use a baby wipe to clean oily areas.  These are great to remove excess oils, sweat, etc.

HINT:  Costco brand baby wipes work great and are cheap.

Assess the moisture level of the skin to determine the technique to be used on dry areas, such as the hands, ankles and elbows. Always spray lighter in areas that are dry.  

No two bodies are the same. There are various obstacles you will encounter during any given airbrush session. Take into consideration every wrinkle on the face, knees, elbows, etc. These areas must be stretched for application to insure proper coverage.

Above all, set realistic expectations with your clients based on their specific requests.

From the moment the client makes an appointment to the airbrush session should be a pleasant and professional experience. By keeping best practices, you should have a happy clientele and a healthy bottom line.